Nedstack is one of the leading PEM fuel cell manufacturers in the world


Fuel Cell stacks have proven a long lifetime and high energy efficiency in the field.


Nedstack fuel cell stacks are ideal for range extender systems for transport applications.


Nedstack produces PEM fuel cell stacks and power plants for industrial applications.

Our track record includes over 500 systems

“We are dedicated to designing and producing the best value for money fuel cell stacks in the market.”

~ Arnoud van de Bree, CEO

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We are hiring!

Due to a growing demand for our solutions, Nedstack is quickly expanding its organization in several departments. Check out our career page for more information.

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Nedstack opts for HyGear’s hydrogen supply

Nedstack, a market leader in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell has opted for HyGear to be its supplier for hydrogen in cylinders for their daily quality control testing of fuel cell stacks on the production line in The Netherlands. Fuel cells generate...
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GRASSHOPPER: Next generation of flexible and cost-effective MW-size Fuel Cell Power Plant

The GRASSHOPPER (GRid ASsiSting modular HydrOgen Pem PowER plant) project was officially kicked-off on the 9th and 10th January at the Akzo Nobel facilities located in Delfzijl, where the demonstration phase of the project will take place. All the consortium partners,...
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Nedstack signs JV agreement with Chinese partner Huaxia and other related entities

December 12th 2017 - Together with her associated system partner Hymove, Nedstack has formalized its cooperation today with Huaxia and several related entities, by the formal signing of a joint venture (JV) agreement. This marks a milestone in the internationalization...
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