About Nedstack

What does Nedstack fuel cell technology BV manufacture?

Nedstack is dedicated to designing and producing the best value for money PEM fuel cell stacks available in the market. Our main customers are system integrators who use our stacks to build systems to power various applications. Next to that, we build PEM power plants to co-generate energy from hydrogen produced in chlor-alkali plants. Our products are not for sale for the general public.

Are Nedstack fuel cells well suited for all applications?

PEM fuel cell technology can be made use of in almost all fields where fossil fuel is applied now. Hydrogen fuel cells can be used for both stationary and mobile applications, on land and on water – they are even used in space! Nedstack’s PEM fuel cell stacks are designed at the highest quality standards in the industry.

Can fuel cells be recycled?

Our cell plates are developed with both cost levels and sustainability in mind. This is why all materials used are easy to recycle and allow reuse of the major components.

To which countries does Nedstack deliver?

If you would like to know what Nedstack can do for your company, please contact our Sales Department at sales@Nedstack.com

Who owns Nedstack fuel cell technology BV?

Nedstack fuel cell technology BV, founded in 1998, is a completely independent and autonomous company.

Where is Nedstack located?

Nedstack fuel cell technology BV is located in in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The city of Arnhem offers an environment that is well suited to manufacturing and demonstrating hydrogen and fuel cell applications. A cluster of some 12 businesses and institutions already exists and has organized itself in the Arnhem Hydrogen Network. Our Arnhem location is centrally located between Amsterdam and Dusseldorf:

From both Schiphol and Düsseldorf Airport it takes an easy 75 minute train ride followed by a short taxi ride in Arnhem, or if you prefer one and a half hour by car.

Does Nedstack have a production site?

Both offices and production plant are located in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
Visit the contact page for details.

Do you give tours at your facilities?

We’re sorry, but due to strict quality considerations, the production of our fuel cell products is not open to the general public.

Can I invest in Nedstack?

As Nedstack is privately owned, you cannot buy our stock on the stock market. Nedstack is open to meet investors for funding its growth. For further information please contact us.

Who can I interview about your business plan and management strategy?

If you are an authorized media representative who needs more information or wishes to schedule an interview, please contact: +31 (0)26 319 7600 (time zone: CET) or sent an e-mail to: info@nedstack.com.

Can I work for Nedstack?

Nedstack is always interested in meeting potential employees. For information about opportunities to join Nedstack, please refer to our Careers page.