Company Timeline

Nedstack timeline
Independence in 1997

In 1997 AkzoNobel Research started the development of its PEM fuel cell technology. AkzoNobel is a Netherlands-based, multi-national manufacturing corporation active in healthcare products, coatings and chemicals. This meant we were off to a flying start: all necessary materials and technology (like membranes, fluor polymers, composites, catalysts and non-wovens) were available within the company. The PEM fuel cells were developed to use at some of AkzoNobel’s production sites. Almost ten years later, seven development engineers got the opportunity to take over AkzoNobel’s PEM activities. They recognized the broader potential of PEM fuel cells as a sustainable source of power. Nedstack was founded in November of 1998. All of AkzoNobel’s fuel cell know-how was transferred to Nedstack.

Continuous growth from 2003 onwards
From 2003 onwards, substantial investments in the form of equity, loans and subsidies have been made into the company. Nedstack has successfully continued the development of its multipurpose PEM fuel cell stacks, and has brought the technology to series production. Our stacks are among the best available worldwide, and can now be found in any size applications ranging from stationary backup devices, to buses, forklifts, boats and trucks. In 2007, Nedstack also installed a pilot 70 kW hydrogen PEM fuel cell power plant at AkzoNobel’s chlorine plant in The Netherlands, which has shown untroubled operation ever since. As a result, in 2011, Nedstack installed a full sized 1 MW unit at Solvay’s chlorine production site in Belgium and in China a 2 MW unit at Ynnovate’s chlorine production site in China.