Mission and Vision

At Nedstack we enable the hydrogen economy by developing, realizing, verifying, applying and servicing PEM fuel cell solutions. Our products and services are superior in quality, durability, safety and reliability and are cost competitive.

Our responsibility is to be a partner to industry and a partner to society by tailoring our solutions and services to achieve optimal energy efficiency, large scale deployment of zero-emission power systems and balanced power grids.

At Nedstack we are confident that Hydrogen will be a backbone of the future global energy system. The rise of renewables provides for an abundance of excess hydrogen making it a widely available future commodity.

There is an increasing need for electrifying such green hydrogen in both stationary and mobile applications. As this hydrogen economy matures, the market for reliable and durable solutions will emerge.

Hydrogen will power the energy transition and we at Nedstack are strongly committed to develop and industrialize our PEM-technology and -products to enable the hydrogen economy.