Mission and Vision

Nedstack will maintain its lead in producing the best value for money fuel cell stacks.

We continue to improve our production technology, to maintain the highest standards of quality while growing our volumes.

We continuously improve our product as well. Our robust stack has a favourable operating window. We continue to widen it, to further eliminate the need for expensive balance of plant components and to decrease parasitic power consumption. The life expectancy of the cells in our stack is already sufficient for most of our customers. However, in serving the chlorine industry with our PEM Power Plants, we continue to stretch the limits.

There is enormous potential for the application of PEM fuel cells. Nedstack is uniquely positioned to continue to benefit from this potential. The combination of high energy efficiency, short start-up and ramp-down times, a low operating temperature and its load following characteristics makes the PEM fuel cell an excellent power source for many applications. Today, PEM fuel cell based backup and off-grid power systems are competitive on economic and operational grounds for application in the telecoms, utility and railroad industry, as a substitute for battery packs and diesel generators.

Furthermore, PEM fuel cells offer the most efficient and hassle-free way of recovering energy from hydrogen produced as a by-product in Chlor-Alkali plants. PEM fuel cell based drive trains are rapidly becoming an economic alternative to battery or internal combustion engine powered drive trains for heavy duty transportation and the material handling market, for instance forklift trucks in distribution centers and cargo transport at airports.

Nedstack also believes that we are only a few years away from the large scale introduction of PEM fuel cell powered buses as a viable and environmentally attractive alternative to diesel powered city transport. In areas where no electrical infrastructure is present, PEM fuel cell powered buses will be an economic alternative for trams and trolleys.

We believe that we cannot capture the opportunity by ourselves, and that we will be most successful through partnerships with selected customers. Nedstack focuses on stack production. Our customers are system integrators who build applications around our stacks. We do not compete with our partners. On the contrary. We assist them in developing their systems. Years of experience in building demo applications allow us to provide valuable support to accelerate their entry into the market.