Unique Selling Points

Nedstack has well over a decade of experience in building PEM fuel cell stacks. Nedstack is one of the leading PEM fuel cell producers in the world. Our extensive track-record includes over 500 systems based on Nedstack fuel cells currently in commercial operation world-wide as well as the world’s largest PEM fuel cell system. A number of them have been in use ever since 2006.

High fuel economony best-in-class system energy efficiency
Modular design parallel operation proven up to 2 MWe
Ambient operation simplified Balance-of-Plant system configuration
Long lifetime robust and durable stack performance
Quality service responsive customer support

Nedstack combines proprietary bipolar plate technology and design with the best available MEAs. The composition of our proprietary cell plate material results in low-cost cell plates with high electrical conductivity. This proven technology allows Nedstack to design a highly efficient fuel cell stack. At atmospheric pressure, Nedstack products reach higher fuel efficiency than PEM fuel cells of other suppliers. As Nedstack fuel cells operate at ambient pressure with low pressure drops, the need for expensive, heavy and power hungry compressors is avoided. Nedstack’s efficient water cooling solution allows for a compact design with high power densities.

Our robust stack design provides stable performance under a wide range of customer conditions and also further extends the operational lifetime. We have optimized the balance between increased life span and continuous cost reductions to provide an attractive product to customers. We would be happy to help you select the appropriate stack power specification and realize a cost-effective solution without unnecessary overcapacity.

Nedstack has successfully realized a number of demonstration projects and can show many application examples. We know how to configure our stacks for easy integration, for example separating gas-side and electrical-side connections, and enable system integrators to use affordable Balance of Plant (BOP) components. All proprietary materials used in our stacks are easy to recycle and allow reuse of the major components.

Our XXL stacks are the best choice when lifespan is particularly critical. Nedstack can equip all fuel cells with a cell voltage monitoring (CVM) system. The CVM system allows an operator to remotely check the stack status in detail. Surprises are avoided, because the operator can pre-empt maintenance beforehand, in the rare event that a stack needs to be replaced. Nedstack’s technical team is readily available and keeps sufficient stacks in stock to provide quick service and support to customers.