Why Nedstack

Nedstack is specialised in building fuel cell stacks. We provide our customers with the best possible fuel cell stacks for a price you can afford.

Nedstack fuel cells have an extensive track record. Currently, over 500 systems based on Nedstack fuel cells are in commercial operation world-wide, mostly in back up power applications. A number of them have been in use ever since 2006.

In the Netherlands, Nedstack operates a PEM Power plant at the chlor-alkali plant of chemical conglomerate AkzoNobel. This 70kW PEM Fuel Cell unit has been in operation since early 2007. Stacks installed in this unit have been in operation for over 25,000 hrs. Voltage decay levels indicate an economic stack life approaching 40,000 hrs.

Nedstack fuel cells operate at atmospheric pressures with low pressure drops, preventing the need for expensive and power hungry compressors. Nedstack’s efficient water cooling solution allows for a compact design with high power densities.

With over a decade of experience in building PEM fuel cell stacks, we know that our proprietary technology works. Yet we continue to improve. Nedstack has a dedicated and highly specialized R&D team that is continuously pushing the envelope on stack performance and production techniques.

Nedstack has a technical sales team with extensive experience in integrating our fuel cells into systems. This team is ready to support system integrators who want to build systems using our stacks. We choose not to compete in system development. Only our PEM Power Plants (1MW and up) are delivered turnkey to the end customer.

Nedstack fuel cell technology BV, founded in 1998, is a completely independent and autonomous company. We cherish our independence.

Nedstack delivers the power and performance you need.