Nedstack R&D and Production Capabilities

Nedstack is continuously working on improving its product with a dedicated team of researchers. We are committed to decreasing the total cost of ownership for our customers. We aim to increase the lifetime of our stacks and enable reductions of costs of balance of plant components. Nedstack also fosters close relations with leading component suppliers. Together, we focus in particular on membranes and Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA). These co-operations are of prime importance for the further development of our fuel cell technology.

Nedstack Capabilities

Our researchers are actively involved in national and international projects. At present, Nedstack is participating in several FCH-JU projects, such as DEMCOPEM-2MW (demonstration a 2 MW fuel cell power plant using the vented hydrogen of a chlorine plant to generate electricity and heat) and Second Act (understanding stack degradation and improving of the lifetime of PEMFC stacks). Nedstack is also a member of New-IG. This Industry Grouping is part of the Joint Undertaking, which runs the European Joint Technology Initiative on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen.