HySA Systems, hosted by the South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry at the University of the Western Cape announced today that it has entered into a collaborative tri-partite agreement with Nedstack BV and a local SMME, Africa Green Energy Technologies (AGET).

The collaboration is for the local manufacturing of proton exchange membrane fuel cell components and systems. In terms of the collaboration, HySA Systems will design and manufacture Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA) as well as other components and systems. Nedstack will integrate the MEAs into the Nedstack PEM fuel cells, which will be jointly integrated into final products for the African market.

It was further announced that both HYSA Systems and Nedstack will collaborate closely with local SMME AGET, to develop fuel cell market opportunities in South Africa and the broader African continent.

Commercially viable fuel cell
Nedstack CEO, Mr. Arnoud Van De Bree and HySA Systems director, Dr. Cordellia Sita, both emphasized their joint commitment to the integration of locally manufactured components into Nedstack fuel cells. Dr. Sita added that since inception, HySA Systems has generated sufficient intellectual capital and developed a number of prototypes which have been tested in the field by industry partners. The next step is to ensure that these products are commercialized. The collaboration with Nedstack, she says, provides the required momentum for establishing a commercially viable fuel cell manufacturing industry that will enable HySA Systems to reach its mandated commercialization goals.

Mr. Van de Bree says that this collaboration will not only create a profound fundament for both local South African added value and Nedstack’s expertise and activities in potentially the whole of Africa, but will also contribute to one of South Africa’s main business segments, being the platinum mining industry.

The role of South Africa in the global fuel cell industry is gaining significance as it evolves into a sector with massive economic potential not just for the country’s platinum mining sector but for the country as a whole.

Mr. Pavel Parks, AGET CEO, remarked that the opportunity to work alongside Nedstack and HySA Systems is significant for both the South African fuel cell industry and the development of local SMME’s. AGET played a meaningful and important role in bringing Nedstack to South Africa in order to showcase the advancement South Africa has made in relations to fuel cells technology within a very short period of time.

In the end this culminated in this exciting collaborative relationship between Nedstack and HySA Systems that will, in our view, propel a sustainable South African Fuel Cell Sector.